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Program management is the process of managing several related projects with the intention of improving an organization's or process performance.

Total Profile acts as a program manager in different areas, such as

  • Terminal System Implementation - Navis Express, Sparcs, ICS
  • Logistic Chain Optimization - No Match - No Access, 100% EDI, convert services, dwelltime reduction
  • Workflow Control - Customs, Bargeplanning, Railplanning, paperless workflow
  • Management Information System - EDI reporting, throughput analysis, stack analysis

In most occasions the programs combined design/implementation of a new technology, modifications to workflows, communication and marketing with stakeholders, training of involved staff.

One of the solutions we have successfully provided in the past, involved a quality strategy in which customer questions and complaints were monitored and analysed. The results were used to create a strategy which reduced both the number of complaints and the lead time for dealing with them.

In another long-term program we changed a costly and time-consuming, but apparently customer-friendly, process into an much more efficient one. One of the pillars of our strategy for this transport company was increasing the acceptance of the necessary change, both among customers and employees. By forcing its customers to offer their goods in a certain way, the forwarding process now runs much more fluently, to the benefit of the company and to the satisfaction of customers and employees alike.

For a large customs agent, the complete re-design of the workflow and customer communication was taken care of. The agent, responsible for drawing up and submitting customs declarations, had several challenges: efficient collaboration between the office staff and the people in the field, multiple locations, interfaces with the port community system, marine terminals, customs as well as their accountaint, and an efficient communication medium for their customers. Total Profile has advised on the system architecture, hardware infrastructure but also monitored developments in customs processes like ECS, Sagitta and Transit. Finally, Total Profile assisted in the application for the Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety certificate (AEO-F).