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Total Profile is active in several public and private environments, mostly related to the logistic supply chain. As Total Profile is independent consultancy firm, not related to suppliers of systems or equipment relating to supply chain operations we can objective advice and on Logistics and ICT-related issues. In the below listed area's Total Profile has delivered proven results according to Logistics Consultancy questions.

  • Marine Terminals - stack optimization, bottleneck analysis, remote check-in
  • Inland Terminals - EDI, webbased customer information, extended gate
  • Multi Modal Control - Just-in-time modal split assignment
  • Tracking and Tracing - Logistic chain visibility
  • Customs - X-ray scan process, NCTS, Sagitta
  • Warehouse Management - capacity optimization, Activity Based Costing comparison of traditional order picking vs fully automated warehouse concepts
  • Lead-time Analysis - order process optimization

Our customers recognize the need to improve their logistics operations, administrative processes or electronic communication (website or EDI). Total Profile as an independent specialist, with logistic and if applicable ICT expertise, can advice or accompany your company to set and help to achieve your goals.

The European Union aims to ensure safety and security within the logistics chain. In order to be able to realize this, for all operators, the EU has set up the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification. AEO certified companies are financially sound and are a guarantee for a high-quality provision of services and a solid operational management. In addition, AEO certified companies are subjected to less physical and other customs controls. Total Profile can assist your company in the certification process. Moreover, our own software products are already prepared to accomodate for the certificate. This includes traceability of user actions, identity and authorization management and additional control strokes based on business intelligence.